Book Drive for Micronesian Students!

Students and teachers in Micronesia are in desperate need of basic school supplies.

Particularly in the remote Outer Islands, public educators struggle with a lack of basic instructional materials. Library shelves are often bare.

Habele, an all-volunteer charity based in the United States, is looking to help.

The group is now organizing it's annual donation drive for classroom supplies and books.

In the recent years, Habele has provided much-needed materials to schools on Eauripik, Ulithi, Woleai, Kuttu, and Moch.

Those interested in helping out can:
1. Collect books and materials for students in grades K-12 or for community colleges;
2. Contact Habele for mailing addresses and to request reimbursement for postage fees; or
3. Make a tax-deductible financial donation to Habele to pay for postage or to purchase additional supplies.
Of course, we will also want photos and stories about your efforts!

You can see lots of photos from previous donations here.

Learn more about public school donations, as well as Habele's tuition scholarship and local language programs at www.habele.org.