Tools for Woleai Construction Teachers

Habele is sending a collection of basic hand tools to the vocational education teachers working at the Neighboring Island High School on the Atoll of Woleai.

"Woleai is a remote island and basic supplies are hard to come by" explained Mr. Alex Sidles, Secretary of the Habele Board of Directors. "This is particularly true of tools required for the vocational programs. Frustratingly, we have found that the most remote schools tend to be the most under-resourced.

The high school on the island of Falalop, Woleai serves students from all the islands in that Atoll, as well as functioning as a boarding school for pupils from the neighboring Atolls of Eauripik, Ifaluk, Lamotrek, Faraulep, as well as the island of Satawal.

Composite photo of the Atoll of Woleai. Falalop is the island on the right with the unimproved airstrip. Photo Copyright Coral Reef Research Foundation. (Click here for a detailed map of Yap State).

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