School Supplies for Kuttu, Chuck in Micronesia

Habele donors are again sending basic supplies to under-resourced public schools in the Central Pacific.

This box of materials is headed for the Island of Kuttu, of the Mortlock group, in Chuuk State Micronesia.

Basic materials are essential to effective classroom instruction but many schools in the lagoon and outer islands lack them. The Habele Outer Island Education Fund is an all-volunteer group that gathers such supplies and sends them to educators in Micronesia.

Last year Habele made similar donations to schools and libraries in Ulithi, Eauripik, Wooleai, and Moch. The all-volunteer Fund also provides student scholarships to Outer Island children attending private and independent schools in the region. Habele is currently sponsoring Jodie Sam of Kuttu, who is attending the prestigious Berea High School in Weno.

Learn more at www.habele.org.