High Tech Robots in Remote Micronesian Islands

Student achievement and the US-Micronesian partnership were on display this week in Yap, as five high schools battled it out in an elimination style robotics competition.

Yap Robo Day was the culmination of a school year long project in which student led teams designed and built robots. The League provides students at remote island schools practical experience in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).


Yap Robo Day Monday, May 21

Robots will battle on Tuesday, May 22nd Monday, May 21st at the Yap Sports Complex and the public is encouraged to attend.

“Yap Robo Day” starts at 11:00am. Student teams at five high schools have designed and built robots over the course of the year and these robots will compete in a series of elimination skirmishes to determine the statewide Yap Robo League Champion for 2018.

US based nonprofit “Habele” established the Robo League in 2012, providing materials, instruction, and US partner schools to Yap Catholic High School and the Yap SDA School. The league was the first high school based robotics program in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM).

Habele trainer working with students at Yap SDA School.
Thanks to a grant from the Office of Insular Affairs, a long-standing proposal to expand the League was realized in the summer of 2017. Yap High School, Outer Islands High School, and Faith Christian Academy were invited to join the league and will be competing for their first time at Robo Day 2018.

In addition to three independent and two public high schools participating on May 21, there will be robotics teams from two corporate community partners.


Island Students Striving Toward Robotics Competition

Scale, isolation, and limited natural resources are major barriers to economic development in the many tiny islands of Micronesia.

The islands of this remote and strategically situated nation span a length nearly the distance from Los Angeles to New York across the remote Western Pacific

These challenges aren’t stopping hard ambitious students of the Yap Robo League. Students from five of Yap State’s high schools have been working to design, build, and operate complex robots constructed from simple parts, and will showcase their achievement in a public competition and science fair this May.


Micronesian Arts & Crafts on Display in Winter Park, Florida

Twenty minutes northeast of Orlando, the Albin Polasek Museum in Winter Park Florida is hosting “Island Objects,” an exhibit of archaeological materials and historical items from the Pacific Islands of Micronesia.

It showcases traditional culture and illustrate the ways it has adapted to external societal forces through periods of Spanish, German, Japanese, and American occupation. The exhibit was curated by Barbara Wavell, an anthropologist and author of Arts & Crafts of Micronesia.

A broad range of objects are represented in the exhibit including carved wooden figures and storyboards, intricately patterned fans, human statuary, navigation charts, and woven clothing and adornments.


World-class training for Robotics Students in Yap

(Colonia, Yap) Island students have been receiving high tech training in the design and construction of robots as the five high schools of the Yap Robo League work towards their goal of a statewide robotics competition next spring.

Habele’s Director of STEM Programs, Amelia Weiss, first met with participating school leaders on Yap in early December. A series of workshops, site visits, and peer-to-peer trainings followed. Administrators, teachers, and select students from Yap High School, Outer Islands High School, Yap Catholic High School, Yap SDA School, and Faith Christian Academy participated throughout.


Send books to students in Pohnpei!

Kolonia Elementary School needs your help!

The school’s library desperately needs books, both for students, as well as for their parents and other community members who enjoy reading.


Robotics Kits Arrive in Yap, Remote Island of Stone Money

Yap Catholic High School Student opening their third box of robotics parts

Students on Micronesia's famously traditional Island of Stone Money have begun to design and assemble hi-tech programmable robots.

Robotics clubs at five high schools in Yap received VEX Classroom and Competition Mechatronics kits earlier this month, kicking off expansion of the popular Yap Robo League.

Using the raw parts, students will design, build, and code robots to compete in a statewide STEM exhibition and robotics competition in May. Yap’s Robo League was established in 2011 by the US-based nonprofit “Habele,” and is now expanding across that state through a pilot grant award by the Office of Insular Affairs.