Volunteers Continue to Rally Behind Maysak Relief

Living thousands of miles away from the wreckage of Typhoon Maysak hasn't stifled the enthusiasm and generosity of Habele's donors and volunteers.
Just this week, Rachel and Derek of Washington, DC, responded to the plight of Outer Island students by gathering, packing and shipping out an assortment of school supplies and toiletries! As a former Peace Corps Volunteer to Micronesia, Rachel has experienced firsthand the tremendous excitement and benefit that even simple supplies can provide for island children. 
Many thanks to Rachel and Derek for the supplies, and for the kindness that motivating your donation!

The ongoing needs of students and families on Micronesia's Outer Islands are significant. Donations like these go a long way in meeting those needs. Already, Habele donors have been able to encourage students displaced by the storm.

Additionally, Habele's network of volunteers have been working to deliver sustainable, traditional food sources to devastated communities on islands like Faraulep and Piik.

Please share this with friends and family. It makes a big difference!
To donate directly to Habele's ongoing work in Moving Past Maysak:

or send check or money order to  Habele, 701 Gervais St, STE 150-244, Columbia, SC 29201.
Habele is a tax exempt, all-volunteer, US based nonprofit with a proud history of high impact support for our partners in Micronesia.