Moving Past Maysak: Action Grants!

Early in April, a massive super typhoon ravaged Micronesia, a chain of remote islands strewn across the Western Pacific.

Home to a primarily subsistence economy, Micronesia's most remote "Outer Islands" lay directly in Super Typhoon Maysak's violent path. The islands have deep historic and strategic ties to the US.

Habele has been sending Response Kits and Recovery Kits to families and local community organizations. You can help this all-volunteer effort by donating right now. We've highlighted other reputable groups and individuals serving victims as well.

Habele is also sending micro Action Grants directly to local partners who've demonstrated exceptionally innovative or sustainable responses.

The first of these was a $1,000 check awarded to Pacific Missionary Aviation (PMA). Decades of service and experience translates into an immediate response, daily delivering subsistence materials to islands with runways, notably Ulithi and Fais. Regular updates are posted on their PMA Facebook page.

A second action grant is headed to Waa'gey, a local cultural organization operating throughout Yap State. A long time Habele partner, their Typhoon Response efforts are most focused on remote islands and atolls such as Fechaulap, which lack airstrips. They've further committed to provide support for transient students displaced by the destruction of Outer Island High School (OIHS) on Falalop, Ulithi.

Habele is also distributing "Moving Past Maysak" t-shirts for local organizations to sell as fundraising items. The shirts will be provided free of charge so all net receipts can be reinvested in Typhoon response. Shirts will also be provided to volunteers and relief workers.

The "Moving Past Maysak" logo is free to use and can be downloaded in JPGPNGEPS and AI formats.

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Habele is a tax exempt, all-volunteer, US based nonprofit with a proud history of high impact support for our partners in Micronesia.