For Teachers: Your Class Can Help the Outer Islands Move Past Maysak

Habele has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for the island communities devastated by Super Typhoon Maysak. Every donation - whether financial or material - has a direct impact on the islanders facing a massive recovery project. Thank you!
Many teachers have reached out to Habele asking how they can involve their classrooms in supporting the many Micronesian students who have lost everything. It’s an exciting thing to consider mainland students helping their peers many so many thousands of miles away. Habele volunteers can give you firsthand assurance that the children receiving relief packages will be overwhelmed, and overjoyed!
Please forward this to other teachers! Here is how your classroom can participate:

Response Kits: Response kits provide immediate help for the physical needs of ravaged communities. The items below are our suggested contents list for a response kit. 
• 20 bars of antibacterial soap
• 3 tubes of antibacterial ointment 
• 4 canisters of mosquito repellent
• 2 bottles of anti diarrhea medicine
• 3 small bottles of anti diarrhea pills
• 2 bottles of ibuprofen pills
• 1 bottle of acetaminophen
• 2 bottles of children’s pain reliever
• 2 bottles of children’ chewable vitamins
• 4 boxes of Band-Aids
• 1.4” - 3/4” rubber tubing (lengths of 3ft or more).
• Monofilament fishing line: 15-30+ lb test. 
• Fishing hooks (any size). 
Childrens’ sandals (slip-on or Crocs-style) are an extrememly important resource right now, as the storm left shards of metal and wood splinters littered around the islands. If you can send sandals, they will find a home very quickly!
Once you have assembled the kit, please email us ( m-a-t-t "at" habele.org. Spelled out to avoid the spambots!) with the following details-  
1. The exterior dimensions of the box(s)
2. Exact weight of the box(s)
3. Complete list of box contents.
After we receive your information, Habele will send you the necessary shipping labels and documentation to get your relief supplies headed to the Outer Islands. All you have to do is put the boxes in the mail, and Habele will make sure they navigate the cumbersome customs and Third-World importation process to get to the people who help the most. 
To donate directly to Habele's ongoing work in Moving Past Maysak:

or send check or money order to  Habele, 701 Gervais St, STE 150-244, Columbia, SC 29201.
Habele is a tax exempt, all-volunteer, US based nonprofit with a proud history of high impact support for our partners in Micronesia.