Charity Set to Award Scholarships to Micronesian Students

Habele will be announcing it’s 2011-12 tuition scholarships the first week of August.

The charity was created by former Peace Corps Volunteers and awards K-12 tuition scholarships to students across the FSM. Habele also provides public schools with books and classroom materials throughout the year.

The application deadline for K-12 tuition scholarships was Thursday, June 30th. Habele received over fifty applications for the 2011-12 school year. Last year Habele supported 21 students in Yap, Chuuk and Pohnpei with an average tuition scholarship of $360 each.

Neil Mellen, Habele’s President, reported that fundraising challenges might limit the number of scholarship the organization can issue for the 2011-12 school year. “We believe every student in Micronesia deserves access to excellent classroom instruction, and would like to support all those deserving families looking to us for support, but Habele is still small and our ability to raise funds during an international economic downturn is limited.”

Mellen also reported that Habele sent 29 boxes of K-5 reading, math and science books to public schools in the Outer Islands of Yap this month. The donation came through a partnership with Woodland Hills Elementary School in California.

Learn more at www.habele.org.

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