Fundraising for 2012 Habele Scholarships

Meet Logan.

He and his family are from the Island of Lamotrek in the Outer Islands of Yap State, Micronesia. Logan is a Habele scholarship winner who needs your support.

Lamotrek averages no more than three to four feet above sea level, with a population of just 350 residents. Lamotrek is 600 miles away from the state capital of Yap Proper, home to over 6,000 people. Yap Proper is the center of economic, social and political activity in the State.

Logan’s family has sent him to Yap Proper and he is attending the Yap SDA school. It’s ranked as the highest performing school in all of Yap State by the Micronesian Department of Education and the third highest in the country. He would not be there today –and may not be able to enroll next year- without your support.

Logan is one of twenty 2010-11 Habele K-12 students who are reapplying for scholarships this coming school year. There are many new applicants as well from all across Micronesia. Logan's parents have chosen the SDA School, and is seeking Habele's support, because Logan's educational prospects are dim. Half of Micronesians over the age of 25 have not completed high school.

Habele hopes to issue twenty two scholarships this year, at an average of $390.00 each. That works out to about 75% of the average tuition and fees charged to parents at the six private schools Habele students attend. It will require $10,780. At this point we are a third of the way toward that ambitious goal.

In other words, we still need your help to keep Logan, along with Mavrick, Bradley, Jody, Glimmer, Nick, Aquinas, Marciana, Shelia, Maia, Myla, Joey, Orpha, Parky, Simon, Virgnia, Deniaane, Annaliza, Ronla, Shania and Abraham enrolled in their schools.

Raising $6,691 in two months (we write scholarship checks the first week of August) doesn’t sound difficult. For many charities it wouldn’t be. But Habele is a small, all-volunteer organization serving minority students in a part of the world most people can’t locate on a map.

You can make it happen. Please make a donation to Habele right now. Habele's postal address and Paypal link are on the right hand sidebar of the Fund's website.

We also need your help in finding others who will support our work. Let your friends and family know about the students that Habele by sending them a link to our website.