More Head Start Donations for Ulithi

California volunteers are sending more toys for Head Start centers on the Atoll of Ulithi. Please contact Habele if you are interested in helping with this warm-hearted project. In regional news:

Trust Funds May Not Provide Sustainable Income for FSM
The new report, "Compacts of Free Association: Trust Fund for Micronesia and the Marshall Islands May Not Provide Sustainable Income," issued June 15, 2007, is the fifth in a series since July of 2005. The GAO has found accountability problems, sustainability challenges, and limited development prospects facing the two Pacific nations. Market volatility, in addition to the investment strategies chosen, may lead to a wide range of trust fund balances at the close of grant funding in 2023, states the GAO.

The faces of Micronesia's fallen
Since the war on terror began in 2001, Guam and its Pacific island neighbors have seen hundreds of their sons and daughters deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq and the Horn of Africa as part of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. To date, 22 sons of Micronesia are among those who have been killed, including more than 3,500 Americans killed in Iraq. This year has been the deadliest with eight casualties.

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