Habele: Lean and Efficient

The South Carolina Secretary of State has reported that Habele devoted 82.8 percent of its total expenses to program services during the 2006 fiscal year.

Tom Lutte, the Fund’s Treasurer, noted that Habele is able to maintain such an efficient organization by not having a single paid employee. Unlike most development organizations, Habele is organized and administered exclusively by volunteers – both US and Micronesia based.

Looking further into the numbers reported by the SC Secretary of State, Mr. Lutte noted that the remaining 17.2 percent of expenses were broken down in the Fund’s financial report as:

0.95 percent for “occupancy, rent, utilities and maintenance"
4.47 percent for “printing, publications, postage and shipping”
11.85 percent for “other”

The largest portion, “other” consisted of fees paid by Habele to the US Treasury Department, the Internal Revenue Service, and the State of South Carolina during the process of formal incorporation and tax exemption. Habele donors will be pleased to hear that these are primarily one-time expenses. The “postage” expenditures include the parcel costs of sending Habele’s shipments of donated school supplies to public schools in the Outer Islands.

Further details of the Fund’s expenditures can be found in its annual report.

To help Habele in its work promoting educational opportunity and accomplishment in the remote Outer Islands of Micronesia please consider donating today.