Outer Island Students Prepare to Graduate!

Today was an exciting day for the 32 Outer Island seniors who determined to finish their final year of high school, despite having been displaced by the violence of Typhoon Maysak. Every one of the seniors completed their classes today, and are ready to graduate!

After the storm destroyed their local high schools, these students were transferred to Yap, where they finished out the school year at the Yap High School campus. Fortunately, the dedicated Peace Corps teachers - Caroline, Tianna, Patrick and John - were able to continue teaching the students who they were formally serving on the Outer Islands. A big thanks to these hardworking teachers who have put so much into the students!

Habele volunteers on Yap were particularly excited to deliver brand new "Moving Past Maysak" shirts to the seniors on their big day. The students were thrilled!

Many thanks to the kind donations of so many Habele donors and volunteers who made this special moment possible. Students were also provided "kits" which included materials for their last weeks of school, as well as personal items such as sandals and toiletries.

On a sobering note, the school year is about to begin again, and students on Ulithi are still without a school. The needs for rebuilding this crucial institution are significant, and your support can help make it possible. Please consider sharing this need with friends and family.

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