Build a Library for Temwen!

Habele’s volunteers and donors are working to stock a school-based library in Pohnpei, answering the request of local educators on that Micronesian Island.

Temwen School is a small and rural Elementary school in the Madolenihmw municipality of Pohnpei. Temwen School has a small staff of seven teachers and one Peace Corps Volunteer; the Principal Elcid Joseph is a teaching principal.

In earlier times, Temwen was the governmental and power center of the island; in recent years that has shifted to other parts of the island more focused on FSM government issues. This has limited the community’s, and school’s, access to educational resources.

Sadly, students at Temwen School have never been exposed to reading for pleasure and reading levels are low across the board. In all of Temwen there has never been a library; no place for the community members to research a topic or enjoy a book on a sunny day. The new community library at Temwen Elementary School will not only benefit the students of Temwen Elementary School – it will benefit all of Temwen!

The library is being built from scratch. Staff members of Temwen Elementary School have worked tirelessly to salvage books from all different areas of the school grounds. Recently, there has been a renovation of an older structure of the campus and this is where the new library will be held. 

Book donations are vital for this project to succeed, with that being said it would be great to get roughly half fiction, and half non-fiction books that could serve US reading levels Kindergarten through eighth grade. Reference books, and recent magazines are also welcomed, as they could serve the wider community and create a more welcoming space for people of all ages.

To donate directly to Habele's efforts:

or send check or money order to  Habele, 701 Gervais St, STE 150-244, Columbia, SC 29201

Habele is a tax exempt, all-volunteer, US based nonprofit with a proud history of high impact support for our partners in Micronesia. If you prefer to help by compiling donations, Habele can help direct these, paying for them to be mailed directly to the school.
UPDATE: Books are starting to trickle in!