Moving Past Maysak: Dinner and a Movie

The recovery process from Super Typhoon Maysak will be long and arduous, but residents of Micronesia's Outer Islands are standing strong. Your support has a direct impact on the lives of many islanders who have lost everything!

Earlier this month, the record-breaking storm tore through the isolated Outer Islands, leaving behind the wreckage of homes, community buildings, churches, and schools. Survivors are bravely working to "Move Past Maysak," but many remain without critical supplies. You can read more about the needs of determined Outer Island students here.

Thanks to the generosity of Habele donors and volunteers, some relief boxes have already been making their way to the islands. Can a small box of first aid supplies have an impact on a such a massive scene of devastation? The overwhelming response from our volunteers on the ground is, "Yes!"

For the cost of going out to dinner and a movie with your significant other, you can bring practical, targeted relief to typhoon survivors on Micronesia's Outer Islands.
A donation of just $70 allows Habele's all-volunteer staff to purchase and ship more necessities for islanders who are trying to rebuild shattered communities. Please consider giving, and please share with friends and family. 

Real headway is being made in "Moving Past Maysak," and thanks to your generous donations we can keep moving forward!

To donate directly to Habele's ongoing work in Moving Past Maysak:
or send check or money order to 
Habele, 701 Gervais St, STE 150-244, Columbia, SC 29201

Habele is a tax exempt, all-volunteer, US based nonprofit with a proud history of high impact support for our partners in Micronesia.