Typhoon Response Kits: Moving Past Maysak

Habele donors and volunteers are answering the call of those who've endured Super Typhoon Maysak! That record breaking storm devastated low lying islands and atolls of Yap State, Micronesia. You can help!

Habele volunteers have begun assembling simple kits based on the specific requests of on-island partners at schools and community organizations. Each contains: 20 bars of antibacterial soap; 3 tubes of antibacterial ointment; 4 canisters of mosquito repellent; 2 bottles of anti diarrhea medicine; 3 small bottles of anti diarrhea pills; 2 bottles of ibuprofen pills, 1 bottle of acetaminophen; 2 bottles of children's pain reliever; 2 bottles of children' chewable vitamins.

Habele -an all volunteer charity- is able to purchase the supplies for $131 per kit and send them for a further $16 in postage directly to communities on Ulithi (Mogmog, Falalaop, Federai and Asor), Fais, and Fechaulap.

Special thanks to James McDonald and Daniel Nodine, both of Columbia, SC; Leslie Hittner of Winona, MN; and Cynthia Rookus of Jamestown, TN for their immediate and generous PayPal donations to Habele!

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Habele, 701 Gervais St, STE 150-244, Columbia, SC 29201

Habele is a tax exempt, all-volunteer, US based nonprofit with a proud history of high impact support for our partners in Micronesia.