Habele charity donates materials to school on Fais Island

Eager attitudes, engaged parents and committed qualified teachers are all essential for learning.

Public school students on the remote Island of Fais have all these, but they often lack basic materials that students in more developed countries take for granted.

Habele, an all-volunteer charity that serves Micronesian students, is working to help. This week Habele mailed a box packed full of pens, pencils, markers and other basic classroom materials to teachers on Fais.

"Habele is committed to supporting under-resourced and isolated classrooms," explained Regina Raglmar Raigeta, a member of Habele's Board of Directors. "It is part of our larger effort to expand educational access and promote academic accomplishment in the Outer Islands of Micronesia that span from Yap in the west to Chuuk Lagoon in the east."

Last year Habele made similar donations to schools and libraries in Ulithi, Eauripik, Wooleai, and Moch. The all-volunteer Fund also provides student scholarships to Outer Island children attending private and independent schools in the region. Learn more at www.habele.org.