Thanks from Woleai

Habele has received a kind letter of thanks from Vocational Education Teachers on the Atoll of Woleai (also spelled Wooleai). The Fund mailed the school a collection of basic hand tools as part of Habele’s ongoing public school and library support project. Albert Fong explained:

Thank you so much for your support and your interest in our school. Teaching the students how to build and repair the family homes and other buildings here is so important for our lives and the future of these islands…

Mr Fong went on to extend thanks to all Habele donors and volunteers as well as all those Americans who have an interest in the remote atolls of the Caroline Islands (modern day Micronesia).

In addition to being the location of the Neighboring Islands High School, Woleai is the birth place of both Mr. James Naich, Deputy Chief of Mission, and Mr. Dominic R. Maluchmai, First Secretary of the Micronesian Embassy in Washington.

More information on Woleai can be found at:

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