Pacific News Links

Habele is an all-volunteer non-profit narrowly focused on promoting educational opportunities and accomplishment in Micronesia. Toward that end we offer the following links to keep our donors and volunteers abreast of developments in the Pacific.

The Economist considers the adoption and development of technology in the third world, and wonders if the "leapfrogging"of cell-phones is anomalous.

…The World Bank concludes that a country's capacity to absorb and benefit from new technology depends on the availability of more basic forms of infrastructure. … It would be great if you could always jump straight to the high-tech solution, as you can with mobile phones. But with technology, as with education, health care and economic development, such short-cuts are rare.

Working with the United States Department of Education and the Pacific Resources for Education and Learning, schools in the Federated States are adopting new standards for career and technical education.

Politicians in the Republic of Palau campaign on the promise of lowered salaries for lawmakers.

The Food and Agriculture Organization’s Sub-regional Office for the Pacific Islands (FAO–SAPA) headquarters is holding a workshop covering costal fisher policy issues.

Small town paper in California runs article on the islands of Yap.

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