Support for the Eauripik Library Pours In

Last week Habele announced the start of a book drive for the remote Atoll of Eauripik in Yap State, Micronesia.

The Fund’s Directors had been working with donors to develop a comprehensive library development plan for that community and publicly announced details of the effort in mid-January to gather further support. Donations of school supplies, textbooks, literature and reference materials have poured in, as well monetary donations to support the cost of postage and to buy more books. Checks have arrived in the last week from Southern and Central Califorina, and books have been sent from Northern Virgina and South Carolina.

In the coming weeks Habele’s directors will continue to oversee the efforts, working with volunteers at schools and service organizations in the US to gather and purchase more books. Those interested in helping in the project, or donating to the Habele's scholarship program, are encouraged to visit habele.org and learn more.