Book Drive For Eauripik School

Habele is excited to announce the start of a book drive for the island of Eauripik! We are looking to gather donations of fiction, nonfiction and textbooks to help fully stock the community library housed at the Eauripik Community School (pictured).

Working with donors in North Carolina and Texas, the Board of Directors has formulated a three-stage plan to ship books to the remote atoll.

Through this library project the Fund seeks to:

1. Provide a core set of reference and nonfiction books that will support and inform classroom instruction in English, math and the sciences.

2. Provide classroom teachers with class sets of textbooks and basic supplies so that each child will be able to follow instruction and complete homework assignments with their own textbook.

3. Provide both students and community members a range of general nonfiction and Oceania-related books for recreational reading.

Habele has already received donations from volunteers in Northern California (pictured) and is working to coordinate a textbook drive with college students in New Jersey. If you are interested in sending books, coordinating donations, or helping to pay the postage to deliver these books visit habele.org and look to the right hand tool bar for the Fund's contact information.