Research and Commentary on Micronesia

Working to keep Habele donors and volunteers abreast of events in the Pacific, we offer these links to two recently released publications.

Is That the Best You Can Do? A Tale of Two Micronesian Economies
Father Francis Hezel
…Hezel reviews the history of development initiatives in the FSM and RMI. In early territorial days, funds were limited and little in the way of development was accomplished. Later, funding was dramatically increased, and conventional approaches were implemented. Investment in human resources was followed by a large push in infrastructure improvements. The overall results were disappointing, and the islands became heavily dependent on the United States.

Report to the US Congress on the Compact of Free Association with the FSM and RMI
President of the United States
The government of the FSM has not yet developed indigenous capacity to generate and disseminate macroeconomic information and advice. Even basic statistics on the various components of the economy, the tax base, labor force, employment, wages and salaries, pensions and other commonly followed factors are not routinely compiled unless such activities are undertaken by outside entities…

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