Micronesian Diaspora, Peace Corps, seek support for isolated Island School

Gene Rachielug is from Federai and currently lives in Portland, Oregon. On his last home trip to Ulithi, he met Stephen Guertler a new Peace Corps Volunteer serving on the island. Gene proposed creating an online platform to not only raise awareness on the issues of Climate Change effecting his island home, and raise money and donations to help out the school and the entire community. 

Gene will coordinate all the monetary and in-kind donations, and Stephen will coordinate everything on the ground. 

The Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) is a sovereign island nation with four states, from west to east – Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei, and Kosrae. These four states are made up of 607 islands; which range in size from the main island of Pohnpei which is 128 sq mi, to the largest island in the Ulithi Atoll at only 1.3 sq mi. The expanse of islands occupies over 1 million square miles of the Pacific Ocean.

The FSM has a special relationship with the United States, called the Compact of Free Association, which was officially adopted and signed into law on November 13, 1986. This agreement provides U.S. economic assistance in areas of health and education, along with defense of the FSM, and other services and benefits. The compact is periodically renegotiated between both governments, the last negotiation took place in 2003 and then next will one will take place in 2023.

The U.S. Peace Corps was established in the FSM in 1966, and has welcomed more than 4,340 total volunteers since its inception. Currently, Peace Corps Volunteers (PCV) are working in the Education Sector as co-teachers and co-planners in schools across the FSM in all four states. Peace Corps Response Volunteers (PCRV) also work in the education sector as professionals in the realm of accreditation. In the past, there have been volunteers in many sectors such as; agriculture, health, and youth development.

Stephen Guertler is currently a PCV serving on the island of Federai in the Ulithi Atoll. This atoll is situated 95 miles off the coast of Yap Mainland and is accessible via planes, and cargo ships.

Very few people know about these islands, or the generous, friendly, and hardworking people that inhabit them. It’s time for everyone to not only be aware of these super talented people, but to understand that if given the right tools to succeed they can do anything. To reach their goals, students need more resources to excel in school, continue in higher education, and come back to their home islands and influence positive change.

Gene and Stephen created this page to raise awareness, and create a space for people to donate goods or money to assist the community on Federai.  It is our hope, that you will help us reach our goal, spread our message, and create connections to the community on Federai. Lets help these students have access to the books and materials they need to excel and reach their full potential.   Education is key for the future sustainability of the islands.

To donate goods directly, please take a look at the list below for the most needed items. When you send the package, please include a note with your name and address. To ship, go to a United States Postal Service Location (USPS) and get a white priority box to get standard shipping rates along with a tracking number. The boxes come in different sizes; small, medium (top-loading), medium (side-loading) large, and board game

On the customs form please indicate “Donated Goods/toys/books” where applicable, and send to the following address, which is treated by the USPS as domestic:
Stephen Guertler: C/O Peace Corps
P.O. Box 190
Colonia, Yap
96943, FSM
Stephen has volunteered to coordinate distribution of all donated materials to the island community and will ensure all donations are put directly into the hands of students and teachers; but this page is not affilated with Peace Corps Organization.

To donate monetary funds, please use this GOFUNDME page, the proceeds will go toward the purchase of the list below, as well as covering shipping costs for additional materials donated locally.