Scholarship Winners: Report Cards Highlight Achievement

Habele Micronesia FSM Tuition Scholarships Charity Nonprofit

With the second quarter of the school year well underway, first quarter report cards from Habele Tuition Scholarship winners have begun to arrive.

Habele's merit- and need-based scholarships allow students from the most isolated islands and villages of Micronesia (FSM) to attend prestigious independent schools in the district capitols. Recipient families provide Habele with report cards, photos, letters, and other indicators of their students' progress over the course of the school year.

Students at these schools -and Habele scholars in particular- are several times more likely their than peers to consistently attend school, graduate on-time, and transition successfully into post secondary education.

"I will [sic] write to say thank you Habele for your assistance in paying my tuition," explained second grader Peter attending Berea Christian Academy in Chuuk. "I hope you can continue helping me so I can attend this school again," continued Peter, a native of Nema, an island in the Mortlocks. He earned all "A's" save a single "B" in reading in the first quarter of the 2014-15 school year.

Other Habele programs serving students across Micronesia and Palau include traditional skills mentorships, sports teams, high school robotics competitions, and book donations.