Hundreds of pens headed to students in Yap, Micronesia

A small American charity is sending ballpoint pens to elementary and high school students on the Island of Yap. Yap is situated in the western Pacific Ocean, just southwest of the US Territory of Guam. The island serves as the capital of Yap State, one of four members of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM).

One large box of the BIC Grip Roller Pens was sent to each of the three independent schools on Yap: Saint Mary's Elementary School, The SDA School and Yap Catholic High School. Each box contained several hundred of the high quality blue ink pens.

The donation was a gift of Habele, a South Carolina based charity that supports K-12 aged students throughout Yap State and across Micronesia. Habele provides gifts of classroom materials and textbooks to compliment it's tuition scholarship and extracurricular programs.

"Most of our efforts involve building local capacity and supplementing local educators' efforts," explained Habele Director Marc McNamara. "But on occasion we are able to deliver basic supplies upon request and in this instance we are delighted to be doing just that."