Habele Honor Roll at Yap Catholic High

Four students who attend Yap Catholic High School with support from Habele K-12 tuition scholarships earned "Second Honors" certificates for their work in the third quarter.

"We're proud of their hard work and commitment to success in the classroom," explained Alex Sidles.

Sidles, a Habele board member and former classroom teacher in Micronesia, was in Yap to visit the Yap Catholic students and their families. He also toured the SDA School and Saint Mary's, the two other independent schools in Yap where Habele students are enrolled.

"It is clear these students are driven and their parents are really engaged in their education. The high expectations at home and in the classroom foster a real culture of success," continued Sidles.

Several of the Habele students at Yap Catholic are also participating in the Habele-sponsored Robotics Club. That group plans to have public exhibition for members of the community sometime later this semester.

Photos of the school, students and robotics clubs are posted on Habele's Facebook page.