Canoes Taking Shape in Yap, Micronesia

Canoes are being carved in Gargey, Yap.

The program is a joint effort of "Waagey," a Yap based community organization, and Habele, a U.S. based charity serving students across Micronesia since 2006.

One of the more experience canoe builders from Lamotrek named Xavier and the navigator, Ali, have come to support young men from Lamotrek and other Outer Islands who now live on Yap Proper complete the project.

The project leaders feel that young people from Lamotrek who have been living in Yap their whole lives are Outer Islanders in name only. Those young men and women struggle with the basic skills traditional required for village and family life. The groups's vision is to use instruction in traditional skills to build a sense of identiy and accomplishment among these youth.

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