Lights donated to library on Atoll of Eauripik

Habele is donating solar-powered lighting units to the public library on Eauripik Atoll.

The lights were purchased with generous support from the Northern California Peace Corps Association and will enable students and community members to read books in the late afternoon and evening.

Habele's commitment to the library on Eauripik began in 2006 with several shipments of textbooks and school supplies. In 2007 Habele organized a large library book drive in coordination with educators on Eauripik and the State Capital of Yap.

The lights will allow for classroom instruction and library reading inside the school building during the over-cast rainy season and during daily community reading hours in the evening.

One of the major factors limiting after-school reading among both students and community members is the lack of electricity on the island. The situation of the school inside a solid block concrete building with small pane glass windows results in very little light entering the rooms in the afternoon hours of the overcast rainy season.

Habele, the Outer Island Education Fund, is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization that has been issuing tuition scholarships and providing school supplies to Micronesia since 2006. Visit www.habele.org to learn more.