Donated School Supplies Reach Ulithi

Habele's recent donation of school supplies to the Atoll of Ulithi has arrived at Falalop Ulithi Elementary School (FUES) and Asor Community Elementary School (ACES), where students are making good use of the paper, pens, pencils, notebooks, folders, crayons and texts.

"These materials will be a big help for our kids." explained Lucy Nery, teacher at FUES on Falalop. "We try to be very resourceful and use our materials wisely, but classroom instruction can be a huge challenge when we lack the basis supplies. We are grateful for all that Habele's volunteers have done to help."

Regular donations to public schools and community libraries on the Outer Islands of Yap are one of the ways the Habele Outer Island Education Fund works to promote academic opportunity and access in one of the most remote corners of Micronesia. Habele also provides scholarships for students to attend independent and private schools in the district capitols.

For more information on the all-volunteer nonprofit Habele, please visit www.habele.org.