Scholarship Applications from Chuuk

Habele, the educational nonprofit serving Micronesia's remote Outer Islands, has just received a packet of scholarship applications from students living on atolls of Chuuk State.

The eager young scholars are finishing eighth grade at public schools staffed by Peace Corps volunteers on the islands of Ta, Oneop, Lekinioch and Moch in the Lower Mortlocks. They have taken placement tests to attend the prestigious Xavier High School and Saramen Chuuk Academy, but lack the funds to pay the (respective) $120 and $60 monthly tuitions.

Habele is an all-volunteer scholarship granting organization dedicated to promoting educational opportunity and accomplishment in the remote islands of Micronesia. In recent years donors have provided over $6,000 of scholarships to students from Yap State attending boarding schools on Palau. We look forwarding to reviewing the applications and hope that our dedicated base of volunteers and donors will contribute to the future of these bright young students.