Thanks from Eauripik

Habele recently received a kind email from Mr. John Taibemal. John is a native of the Atoll of Eauripik who is now serving as an Airman in the United States Air Force. Because of the conditions of the Contact of Free Association Micronesian citizens may enlist in the US Military.

In regards to the donations to Eauripik Habele has sent he explained:

I am so very impressed of your dedication to help out the Outer Islands students. I am even more grateful for your volunteerism and very thankful for your committed endeavor in supporting the school system especially on your gifts of school supplies for Eauripik.

John E. Taibemal AM2 HSC-25
Anderson Airforce Base, Guam

Habele would like to thank John for his dedication to the United States as well as for his encouragement for Habele. We look forward to coordinating with John and other Micronesians in the United States as we expand our library support program. In fact, Habele volunteers are beginning to compile textbooks and reference books for a series of shipments later this year to the Atolls of Ulithi and Eauripik.

Mr. Sean Fox and his high school students in California have worked with their local Rotary and Interact Clubs to gather dozens of Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry, Economics, and History books already. Other Habele volunteers are marshaling donations in Washington DC, Columbia, South Carolina, and in Portland, Oregon.

If you are interested in learning how you can help gather supplies or make a financial donation to offset the cost of delivering the books visit Habele.org and look for contact information on the right hand tool bar. Habele is an IRS recognized nonprofit dedicated to educational opportunity and accomplishment in Micronesia's remote Outer Islands