Efficiency and Outcomes: Habele’s Early Budget Numbers

Volunteers and board members working on Habele’s annual report released a preliminary glimpse at the Fund’s spending breakdown today, covering the eleven months from January through November 2006.

The percentage breakdown is: scholarships 81%, incorporation 9%, administration 4%, international postage 3%, school supplies 2%, and domestic postage 1%.

In these eleven months, Habele was able to deliver 85 percent of all expenditures directly to the scholars and students of the Outer Islands. The bulk of the support (or administrative) costs were one-time fees associated with the process of incorporation. “With these set-up costs out of the way we look forward to maintaining an even leaner and more efficient organization in 2007” explained Fund Treasurer, Tom Lutte. In fact, excluding these set up costs, Habele was able to send 93 ½ cents to the islands (in scholarships, materials, and postage) for every dollar that was spent by the Fund.

Major outputs for the year included two full scholarships for Ulithian students attending Bethania High School in Palau, as well as four mailings of purchased and donated supplies for Outer Island public schools on Ulithi and Eauripik Atolls.

More details in the forthcoming annual report. Please consider donating today!

About the Fund: Habele is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation run by unpaid volunteers. We are dedicated to the advancement of educational opportunities in the remote islands and atolls of Micronesia, an impoverished former American colony in the Central Pacific. Our primary goal is to provide scholarships and tuition-assistance grants to children living in the “low” or “outer” islands, so they can attend independent schools located in the larger district centers. We also provide support to public schools through book donations, material assistance, and performance-based teacher awards.