Scholarships Awarded!

Habele is proud to announce that two full-tuition scholarships have been awarded to Outer Island students for the 2006-07 school year. Both awardees will be attending an all-girls private secondary school in the Republic of Palau. In accordance with the Habele scholarship contract these pupils will need to maintain a minimum GPA, as well as a spotless disciplinary record. Transportation costs to and from Palau will be paid for by the students' families.

The winners were selected on account of their exceptional primary school performance, their dedicated involvement in cultural and community activities, as well as the fact that both lost a parent at an early age.

Habele would like to extend its gratitude to the wide range of private donors who have made these scholarships possible. US and Micronesian citizens alike, as well as members of the Habele Board have worked hard to approach our fundraising goals. We are still compiling the money for the spring semester tuition. As the school year begins we look forward to supporting our award winners, as well as working with teachers and volunteers in the Outer Islands to support the community schools there. More information about our ongoing projects here.