Habele LEAD Scholar Meets US Congressmen

A young Micronesian student from a tiny island outside of Yap met with two members of the United States Congress last week.

Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina and Congresswoman Aumua Amata of American Samoa spoke with the student about the importance of the decades long US-Micronesian partnership, as well as her own educational ambitions.

Habele’s “LEAD,” or Leadership, Exchange, and Academic Development, is an intensive summer program for top students who’ve earned Habele tuition scholarships to attend private high schools within Micronesia.

The LEAD scholar compliments their academic year with time in the US taking summer classes, enhancing their English and cross-cultural skills, as well as networking with educational, civic and public leaders.

Habele is an all-volunteer South Carolina based nonprofit advancing educational access and accomplishment throughout Micronesian communities since 2006.