Donations Enroute: Woven Hand Fans of Micronesia

Habele is proud to be sending copies of Barbara B. Wavell's newest book, Woven Hand Fans of Micronesia, to libraries in Palau, FSM and the Marshall Islands.

Woven hand fans are an integral part of life in the far flung islands of Micronesia where the use of plant fibers to produce woven products constitutes a major cultural and economic resource.

Wavell’s work documents styles of hand fans from some of the world's most remote islands including Chuuk, Kiribati, Kosrae, Pohnpei and the Marshall Islands. While each island likely had their own unique fan styles, new techniques developed and spread in the historic context of the 20th century where successive occupations by the Germans, Japanese and Americans influenced the production of woven fans.

Accompanied by over 60 illustrations mostly in color, this work is useful guide to anyone who has an interest in the rich and varied creativity of these exotic islands.

An accomplished expert on the region, Wavell may be best known as the author of Arts and Crafts of Micronesia, first published in 2010.

That image-driven book provides a detailed view of the artwork, craftsmanship, and history of the traditional arts of Micronesia using a unique blend of contemporary and historic collections to showcase such items as carved statuary, storyboards, model canoes, woven mats, baskets and fans.

Habele has provided copies of these texts, as well as other regionally relevant works, to schools and libraries across Micronesia. These direct donations are a part of Habele's literacy and library outreach program, which support local educators in the Islands.