Books & Supplies Reach Eauripik, Micronesia

Children's books and art supplies from Habele have reached the Atoll of Eauripik, one of the most remote and picturesque islands of Micronesia.

The shipment of supplies reached the coral atoll when a Yap State owned vessel visited Eauripik on its semi annual field trip voyage. The final stages of delivery were coordinated by Juan Hagilmwaal, Director of Outer Islands Monitor & Support at the Yap State Department of Education.

Eauripik is a tiny atoll in the Caroline Islands, hundreds of miles from the partially developed district centers of Yap Proper and Chuuk Lagoon. The inhabitants are primarily subsistence fisherman and gardeners. Solar cells provided limited access to electricity and the economy is primarily non-cash.

Habele is a non-profit organization promoting educational opportunity and accomplishment in the remote Outer Islands of Micronesia’s Yap State. Habele volunteers and donors began regularly sending boxes of books, paper, pencils and other basic school supplies to the isolated Atoll of Eauripik in 2003.

In its most recent shipment, Habele fund included a disposable camera, which was used by staff at the community to document receipt of the supplies.