Islands 101: Where is Micronesia?

The beautiful atoll of Ulithi (Yap State) is a picturesque example
 of one of Micronesia's many Outer Islands

Since Typhoon Maysak ravaged Micronesia, many Habele donors and volunteers to the “Moving Past Maysak” effort have been asking basic questions about this remote and beautiful region. 
Where is Micronesia?
“Micronesia” is an umbrella term for a region in the Western Pacific Ocean. This massive section of the Pacific is over 3 million square miles, with thousands of islands scattered throughout. These islands are grouped together in six different sovereign countries. One of these island nations is the “Federated States of Micronesia,” also referenced as the “FSM.” The term “Micronesia” is most commonly used to refer to the 600 islands and atolls making up the FSM. 

 These islands are themselves grouped into four states: Kosrae, Pohnpei, Chuuk, and Yap. Kosrae is the state furthest to the east (toward Hawaii), with Yap being the westernmost state (closest to the Philipines). Each of these states have distinct cultures, languages, and natural resources.
All of the states are geographically centered around a large - more mountainous - “high island,” with smaller islands and atolls scattered around them. These low-lying coral atolls make up the “Outer Islands” of each state. Much like the states themselves, these extremely remote communities have developed their own cultures, dialects, and subsistence living practices.
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Outer Islanders are famous open-water navigators and canoe builders.
Subsistence fishing is a daily practice in Micronesia's Outer Islands.

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