Carving Tools for Micronesian Culture Teachers

Habele, the US charity serving students in Micronesia, is sending carving tools to culture teachers in the outlying islands of Yap State.

The blades, files, stones and brushes will help expert mentors provide hands on instruction to students safely. "This donation is important for two reasons," explained Habele volunteer Alex Sidles.

"The work of master carvers in Micronesia  preserves intrinsically valuable cultural traditions and it also equips young men with the practical building skills required for life in the remotest parts of the Pacific."

Habele has a proud history of providing top grade equipment and other specialized support to public school culture teachers as well as Waa'gey, an acclaimed island based civic organization working to preserve traditional skills. "We are particularly grateful for the help of Curtis Loftis, the State Treasurer of South Carolina, for personally sponsoring this gift of top-notch tools," continued Sidles.

Other Habele programs serving students across Micronesia and Palau include tuition scholarships, sports teams, high school robotics competitions, and book donations.