Habele Students at Berea and Saramen High Schools, Chuuk

Habele, the all-volunteer charity serving students in Micronesia, has just received an update from Michael Gall, a US Peace Corps Volunteer living on Chuuk.

Mr. Gall visited Habele tuition scholarship recipients who are attending Berea Christian High School and Saramen Chuuk Academy.

This school year, Habele awarded full tuition scholarships to 5 students living on Chuuk, as well as a further 13 on Yap Proper and Pohnpei. Habele also supports public schools in these islands through donations of books and school supplies.

Meeting personally with the students and their teachers, Michael took these great photographs of the Chuukese Habele Scholars:

Barky, junior at Saramen Chuuk Academy.

Bradley, senior at Berea Christian High School.

Jody, sophmore at Berea Christian High School.

Maverick (left), sophmore at Berea Christian High School.

Simon, freshman at Saramen Chuuk Academy

These and other pictures can also be found at the Habele Fund Picasa Album. Visit habele.org to learn more, and find out how you can help!