News Roundup: Marehalau, Mail, and Money

American Blogger and Yap State resident R. K. Ledgerwood posted about the FSM Justice Department's search and seizure of documents belonging to former FSM Ambassador to the US Jesse B. Marehalau. The "raid" occurred on the Atoll of Ulithi. There are numerous posting about the incident at the Micronesian Seminar’s online discussion forum.

The United States Postal Service has announced the re-adoption of a range of postal services to Pacific Islands associated with the United States, including the Federated States of Micronesia. Postal support from the US has long been an important part of the US-FSM Compact.

Pacific Island leaders announced a desire to build partnerships with the US, rather than merely remain consumers of the superpower’s aid. Meanwhile Taiwan (ROC) has pledged over $1 million in development aid for projects throughout the Pacific.

Habele is a nonprofit dedicated to the advancement of educational opportunity and accomplishment in the Outer Islands of Micronesia.