College Seniors Wrap-up Clothing Drive for Micronesian High School Students

A group of graduating seniors from the University of South Carolina have been working with Habele to send their lightly used clothing to students at the Outer Island High School on the Atoll of Ulithi.

"This is a great chance for us to clear out our dorms as we graduate and help out the Islanders in the process" explained Megan Cott, a business and economics major who spearheaded the drive. Habele donors from throughout the US have been sending in financial support as part of an ongoing summer fundraising drive. This money will help pay for the shipment of the donated clothing, as well for the awarding of Habele’s annual scholarships.

"We have all been busy with finals, projects, graduation plans, and job seeking" said Lauren Johnson, an advertising and public relations major, "but this has been a great chance to support needy students in the Outer Islands!"

To learn more about Habele’s role in supporting educational opportunity and accomplishment in the isolated Outer Islands of Micronesia visit www.habele.org