Habele Scholar Winner in International Essay Contest

Decyann Pete, a junior at Yap Catholic High School, earned a third place finish in the prestigious 2014 Maryknoll International Essay Contest.

The contest's theme centered on a quote of Pope Francis. Speaking to young people as "architects of the future," the Holy Father implored them to, "Have courage. Go forward. Make Noise."

Students worldwide were asked to write a letter to Pope addressing that topic. Over 7,000 high school students from around the globe submitted their works.

In her letter, Decyann wrote about her involvement with the Ocean One Choir, The First Friday Planning Team which helps plan youth events in churches throughout Yap, as well as "the Flying Proas," the YCHS traditional sailing team which won its first race at this year's Canoe Festival.

Decyann, a native of Satawal, attends Yap Catholic with the help of a Habele Scholarship.