Scholarship Fundraising Drive

Habele needs your help in keeping our commitments to the ambitious students of Micronesia.
Since January, we’ve delivered dozens of boxes of books to students throughout Yap, Chuuk and Pohnpei States. We’ve also provided specialized adze blades to master carvers in the Waa’gey canoe carving mentor program. And we’ve partnered with schools in Yap to orchestrate our third annual high school robotics competition and our first statewide sports competition.
Now we are looking toward August 1st, when Habele announces its 2014-2015 Student Scholarships – and we need your help!
These scholarships offer students from remote islands and low-income families equal access to the quality instruction provided by Micronesia’s most effective independent schools.

Habele’s K-12 student scholarships serve a locally defined need. They raise community expectations of the power and utility of formal education. The scholarships are a targeted, transparent, and effective form of support for the most challenged segment of Micronesia’s population: students.

There are 40 Habele scholarships from the 2013-14 school year that we hope to renew (3 others graduated this summer!). There are dozens more additional applicants this year, some having applied each summer for several years. The need far exceeds our ability to meet it, but at a minimum we are determined to keep our existing students who’ve met their report card goals enrolled next year. Average tuition at the schools where Habele scholars attend is just over $560 next year. In addition to the scholarship renewals, our hope is to provide further awards to the most deserving of the new applicants.

Please, consider making a donation to Habele today. We are an all-volunteer charity and an IRS-recognized nonprofit, so you may be eligible for a tax deduction.
Thank you for your support,

Neil J. Mellen
President, Board of Directors
701 Gervais Street, Suite 150-244
Columbia, SC 29201