Islanders Say "Thanks" for Donated Dictionaries

Habele continues to receive letters from students and parents as well as school and community leaders following the donation of dictionaries to students throughout Yap State.

The most recent note came from the island of Wottegai on the Atoll of Wooleai.

The community school principal and the traditional island chief explain:
"...So many thanks to whomever brought about this pleasant idea; whomever agreed to this idea; and whomever supported, supporting, and will continue to support this idea... At this tiny elementary level school, grades 1-8, we received a good amount of students dictionaries which they are very helpful to the students. Each student has his/her own dictionary. The students, their parents, the teachers, community leaders, as well as the whole community of Wottegai were very happy with the donations!"
The statewide donation of student dictionaries was orchestrated by Habele, a small US-based based charity that has been serving students in Micronesia since 2006.

The texts were donated by The Dictionary Project and funding for delivery was provided by Yapitala European-based electronic payments company. Hard working educators at the Yap State Department of Education and seamen at the Yap State Government Sea Transportation ensured the donated texts reached each and every middle school across Yap and all its outer islands.

Habele also awards K-12 tuition scholarships, supports traditional arts and crafts, and develops after school programs that serve students in Yap State and across Micronesia.