Waa'gey to participate in Yap Canoe Festival

(Waa'gey - Colonia, Yap) This year's annual Yap Canoe Festival will once again take place in early November. This year the event organizers are giving community and interested groups the chance to put together activities for the celebrations.

Waa’gey, which has been working with local communities and other NGOs such as the Yap Tradition Navigation Society, YWA, and Habele, plans to organize public canoe carving seminars, sailing training and hands-on instruction on assembling local fish traps that will highlight the efficiency of local canoes in certain fishing techniques.

Waa’gey has the skill and manpower resource but lacks the financial means to carry out these activities alone. Waa'gey is therefore soliciting support for sponsor to our effort in ensuring a successful Yap Canoe Festival and more importantly to preserve our valuable traditions of canoe carving and local fishing techniques.

Here is our projected total need for the three activities:
* Canoe carving $5,000.oo
* 4 fish traps $1,200.00
* Sailing crew training $800.00

TOTAL $7,000.00

Contributions can be made through Habele, an IRS- recognized US-based nonprofit that supports Waa'geys work with K-12 aged students. Learn more about Habele's work with Micronesian after school programs here.