Micronesian Scholarship Fundraising in High Gear

Habele donors from around the nation are responding to the Fund's request for assistance in awarding high school scholarships to children in the remote Outer Islands of Micronesia.

"We have been very lucky so far," explained Marc McNamara, of the Board of Directors. "In just the first week we have received commitments of more than $1,200 in addition to the $1,500 promised by board members."
Habele is an all-volunteer non-profit founded in 2006. It works to promote educational access and accomplishment among communities in the central pacific islands known as "Micronesia." The Fund awards scholarships to exceptional students and provides community schools and libraries with books and instructional materials.

Joeann Malchelmar (pictured above) is a Habele scholar attending Bethania High School in Palau. Joeann is a native of Falalop, Ulithi, She first received support from Habele in 2006 and looks to complete her studies as a senior during the 2008-09 school year. Despite growing up on an island with just 400 people, Joeann has adapted well to the rigors of formal education in Palau and regularly receives awards for academic achievement at Bethania.

Joeann, as well as islanders from throughout Chuuk and Yap states, know that education is the key to social and economic development in Micronesia. Habele is committed to helping as many of these students attend school as possible. While Fund directors set a fund raising goal of $3,800, more money would mean more scholarships. Please visit habele.org right now and consider making a donation!