Progress toward Scholarships for Outer Islands

Habele is proud to announce that we, with the help of generous donors across the US, are within $200 of reaching our summer fundraising goal! Habele will be officially awarding its scholarships to Micronesian Outer Island students at summer’s end.

New photos of Habele scholars during the 2006-07 school year are now online at Habele’s Flickr photo page.

In broader Micronesian news:

Word Press reports on the role of lump sum government foreign aid in the Pacific. There is no ideology involved; the entire situation is due to the "culture of dependence" governments in Oceania, which are only interested in dollar terms. Both China and Taiwan are playing "check-book diplomacy." The one who can offer more can gain a new bedfellow as well as a valuable United Nations vote.

The Associated Press considers theories about, and the impact of, rising sea levels in Oceania. Island people disagree on whether it is global warming, but they know there is less sand and the trees are falling into the ocean. The question for some islands is, will there be anyone left to hear them fall?

Radio Australia covers the US calls for an audit of the Republic of Palau’s finances.

Habele is a nonprofit dedicated to the advancement of educational opportunity and accomplishment in Micronesia’s remote Outer Islands. We have no paid employees and do not accept government support. If you believe in the value of education and the power of grass roots change please consider donating today.