More on Miriam K. Hughes

Last week we noted that Miriam K. Hughes was nominated by the White House to serve as Ambassador to the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM).

The Federated States, or simply “Micronesia,” is a collection of four island groupings in the Central Pacific. The islands were once administered by the United States Department of Interior as part of the US Trust Territory of the Pacific. The FSM now enjoys a position of "Free Association" with the US. The reliance of the FSM on US economic assistance results in a complicated relationship between the two nations.

You can read a brief bio of Miriam K. Hughes on the original White House Personnel Announcement dated April 4, 2007. She is listed in the third paragraph. Hughes is characterized as a career civil servant.

In her position as head of the economic and social development section of the US mission to the UN Hughes she issued a wide range of statements on US foreign policy and international affairs.

In November of 2006 she criticized the newly formed but contentious UN Human Rights Council as "a disappointment". Her statement reaffirmed the position adopted by the US in March of 2006 of not seeking a seat on the Council because of concerns about the narrow focus and limited credibility of that body.

In her work at the UN she has also:

- called for stronger humanitarian responses to the crises in Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia and northern Uganda;

- defended the importance of a strong private sector , a positive investment climate, the rule of law, and property rights in pursuing international development goals;

- and quoted First lady Laura Bush who has advocated for increased emphasis on gender in development. Hughes further described education as a birthright, and vital to the attainment of political power and economic strength.

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