School Supplies Headed to Bethana in Palau

Habele is sending school materials to Palau this month! We have boxed up a collection of books, pens, pencils, note cards, and even a digital camera and accessories for Bethania High School.

Bethania is an independent all-girls school located in Ngaraard, Palau. This is the school that Habele’s 2006-07 scholarship awardees are attending. Since the new year Habele has also sent supplies to the Atoll of Eauripik and the Island of Fais.

The Habele Outer Island Education Fund is a IRS recognized non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of educational opportunities and accomplishment in the Outer Islands of Micronesia. The fund has no paid employees. All board members have served as classroom teachers in Micronesia. Visit habele.org to learn how you can help!