Pacific News and Links

Mid-March saw the completion of a traditional canoe voyage from Polynesia to Micronesia. The journey began in the islands of Hawaii and worked it way through the Marshalls to the Island of Satawal, an Outer Island of Yap State in Micronesia. Members of the expedition also helped to build a medical clinic on the Atoll of Ulithi. In other health news, new findings reinforce concerns about the alrming levels of obesity in the Pacific.

Lacee Martinez of the Pacific Daily News editorialized on the need for greater support and assimilation of Micronesians on the US-governed Island of Guam, and Pacific leaders talked more about the perils of trawling during their ongoing regional summit.

The Habele Outer Island Education Fund is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting educational oppurtunity and accomplishment in the remote islands and atolls of Micronesia. Visit www.habele.org for more details.