Rave Reviews

Habele’s first annual report is receiving rave reviews from volunteers and donors to the Fund. We thank you all for your kind words of encouragement. Habele is now working on a major website revision and the development of print media in preparation for our 2007 summer fund raising campaign. All this PR will be the result of donated time and talent, ensuring Habele directs the bulk of its financial resources to scholarships for the 2007-08 school year. More details in the weeks ahead. In the mean time here are some Outer Island links from around the web.

Paradise, if you can find it
Los Angeles Times, February 11, 2007
Yap, one among the Caroline Islands, is in the Western Pacific and part of the Federated States of Micronesia, or FSM. I visited last summer with my ...

FSM Congress Passes Govt Worker Wage Hike
The Kaselehlie Press, January 29, 2007
At the Christmas and New Year celebration of the FSM National Government on January 12 Speaker Peter Christian had a grand announcement to make….

Guam's environment, culture may be factors in homelessness problem
Pacific Daily News, January 29, 2007
How do we wind up, on this small island, having so many homeless people? I think it is a great thing that a coalition of concerned groups get together to count the homeless on Guam. But I would think it is a far better thing not to just count them…

Also check out www.olekoi.com for an excellent overview of all things Central Pacific and visit www.myspace.com/14582929 to see Habele's new Myspace page photos.